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Student Loan Forgiveness


Did you know that you could get your student loans forgiven?
So you have just graduated from college and you are having a hard time finding that career that you have been going to school so long for. You must be thinking to yourself, “How in the world am I going to start paying back my student loans?” Well the US Department of Education has several programs out there that can help you get your student loans forgiven.
Student loan forgiveness basically means getting all or a portion of your federal student loan balance cancelled. So if your student loan is forgiven, you will no longer be responsible for the repayment of that loan. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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Private Student Loan Settlement


There are many programs provided by the US Department of Education to help you with repay your student loans. All of this information can be a little overwhelming. That’s why there are private student loan settlement services.
These student loan settlement services will usually provide a full detailed analysis of your student loans to determine which option will be best for you. By looking over which type of loans and the balances that you have, your student loan servicer can help you decide the repayment plan that can help you save money.

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Student Loan Consolidation


How many of you have more then one student loan?
Going to school can be expensive…sometimes that college degree requires taking out more then one student loan. Maybe even one big student loan. Figuring out how to repay those student loans can be stressful. By consolidating your student loans you can possibly save money and lower your interest rates.
Depending on what type of student loan you have, there are different types of repayment options. Those options include income-based repayment, income-contingent repayment, extended repayment and graduated repayment.

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